North Carolina Hemp Grower Compliance

Licensed Hemp Growers Only

Lake View Farms / NC Hemp Plugs Is a fully licensed Hemp grower in the State of North Carolina.  All imports, exports, sales, delivery and growing of any hemp seeds/plants are done so under strict compliance with both State and Federal Law governing the propagation, sale and delivery of Hemp Seeds or Plants.   Any persons placing orders for CBD Hemp Seedlings grown by Lake View Farms must provide a copy of their States License to grow Hemp.  Lake View Farms will only sale Hemp Seedling to the named person on the provided Hemp Growers License.  

 Upon arrival at our facility to pick up your Hemp Seedlings you MUST provide a copy of your Hemp Growers License in order to receive your seedlings. We will provide you with a copy of our Hemp Growers License along with all applicable COA's and THC compliance test for your plants. This paper work must accompany your seedling from our facility to their final destination.