Strains Available


Elektra High CBD Hemp flower

 Loud myrcene dominant terpene profile  Heavy resin producer favored by full spectrum extractors and cut flower connoisseurs.  Field ready structure  


Hawaiian Haze High CBD Hemp flower seedlings

 Excellent field ready strain for biomass as well as fresh cut flowers.  Unique terpene profile that oozes tropical funk.  High yielding with large, medium-density buds    


Lifter High CBD Hemp flower seedlings

  High total cannabinoids per acre.  Ideal for biomass, but also provides big dense “A” grade flowers.  Terpene profile gives off a strong gassy funk  


Sour Space Candy High CBD Hemp flower

  Rock hard, golf-ball sized flowers that stay intact in trim machines.  An excellent choice for cut flower with a loud and intoxicating terpene profile.  A huge producer that is ideal for drier climates and mild weather.  


Special Sauce High CBD Hemp flower seedlings

  CBD content, often reaching over 20%  Top seller in the international trimmed flower market.  Excellent for full spectrum oil extraction.  Ideal for humid climates with strong mold resistance  


 Suver Haze High CBD Hemp flower seedlings

  Excels in moist climates and exhibits strong resistance to botrytis.  Exotic sour apple flavor created by farnsene and betacaryophyllene blended with myrcene--exotic terpenes.  CBD content as high as 25%


  Medium to late harvest from 7 to 14 weeks.  CBD peaks around week 5 at approx 14%  Large dense flowering for biomass production or smokable  Exceptional mold resistance.  Terpenes showcase strong sweet pine scent  


  Early to medium harvest from 5 to 11 weeks.  CBD peaks around week 4 at 11%.  Medium to large dense flowering for biomass production or smokable.  Great mold resistance.  Terpenes exhibit smooth berry molases scent  


 BAOX High CBD Hemp flower seedlings

  BaOx is an exceptional strain for cannabinoid extraction,  BaOx is a fast-growing plant and can be harvested indoors about 75 days after germination. Outdoor BaOx hemp plants usually reach maturity between the last week of September and the first few weeks of October. It’s smaller buds mean this crop dries quickly, though 


Berry Blossom High CBD Hemp Flower

 Floral, Sweet Berries  

 8% – 15% CBD, 

 Early October, Flowers in 8 weeks indoor 


Abacus High CBD Hemp flower seedlings

  This plant is very tolerant of both heat and cold, mold, mildew and pests which makes it a great addition to any East Coast farm. It is a tall and vigorous grower, reach 8’ in height with average side growth.   8% – 15% CBD,   Harvest – End of September/Beginning of October 



  The Cherry strain of CBD hemp has the highest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes on the market, and is one of the most sought after hemp strains on the market.   It is one of the best high CBD strains for botanical extraction.   Harvest in mid-September.   8% to 15% CBD 

HIGH CBD HEMP seedlings


AC/DC High CBD Hemp flower seedlings

  AC/DC is an equally split hybrid, meaning that it contains 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics. This strain contains significant concentrations of CBD that can surpass 20%.  THC levels are very low.    It’s a relatively vigorous and strong plant in terms of its physical characteristics.   The flowering time of ACDC plants lasts for 9–10 weeks. 


AC/DC High CBD Hemp flower seedlings


AC/DC High CBD Hemp flower seedlings